Simple Easter Baskets for ages 2, 5, & 7

This year I didn’t do much planning for basket fillers. I went a few days ago to grab what I could from Target, and I feel like I did pretty good grabbing minimal candy! The eggs will have plenty! 🤪

Water shoes

Water shoes or just simple play shoes were first on my list. Nice big filler for the basket, 😆 plus we needed them! 🙌🏼 Our front yard can get pretty muddy and I love having the kids wear these instead of ruining nice shoes.

Then I mostly went with necessities. I include toothbrushes, floss, bandaids, chapstick and shower scrubs in pretty much every holiday basket. Learned this from my own mother and I’ll stick to it! ✨ Threw in some bubbles and a fun headband from the dollar spot. My 7 year old son still gets a kick out of the simple stuff thankfully.

The above books I actually snagged from Zulily. Super Powers and Me museum are actually activity books for the older two to write about themselves. They have some pretty fun writing prompts and I thought it was a great Idea! ✨

And finally, I did add some candy! I figured it was mandatory to include a few fun Easter themed candies right!? 😄

What is something you ALWAYS include every year? Maybe something your kids might even notice if you didn’t!