Cricut Infusible Ink

I received a Cricut explore air 2 as a birthday gift last month and immediately begin to experiment. I was immediately intrigued with the new Infusible ink pens and how they are touted as better quality and will have no fading or cracking.

I did practice with some vinyl first and made some mistakes, but was successful with a neat shirt for my husband.

Next, I wanted to use the Infusible Ink pens I have read so much about. I cut corners by not buying an official Cricut Tshirt, which would provide the best results. (Materials higher in polyester are best) I decided to start with birthday shirt for my daughter. I used design space to throw together some tropical themed leaves to match a Moana party theme!

Cricut can draw the design instead of cutting it out! It will take you step by step to load each color.

Now it’s ready to color it in by hand
Colored and ready to be flipped over.

Don’t forget to lint roll, use your easy press mat, place a piece of cardstock inside the shirt to protect from ink, use heat resistant tape and butcher paper. ✨

I have the easy press mini in as a beginner. I wasn’t sure how much I’d need it, but I’d definitely like to upgrade to the bigger heat presses in the future.

I held the mini press in each spot for about 15 second at the highest heat setting. When I pulled up the paper there were a few spots that needed more time. So I laid it back down and did another 10 seconds or so without the butcher paper. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Moana themed Birthday Shirt

I love how the shirt came out! I’m positive a shirt with more polyester the colors would be more vibrant. I used a cat and jack shirt that only has 40% polyester. I will be doing a shirt with 95% polyester I grabbed from target next.

Have you used the Infusible Ink pens yet? Or maybe the Infusible Ink transfer sheets? I need to get my hand on some of those.