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  • Easy & Fast Cinnamon Roll Christmas Tree Treats!
    I don’t really bake from scratch, so fun holiday treats need to be easy for me. I love being able to just throw a few things together, but still making memories with the kids! Aren’t these so fun?! Grab some Jumbo cinnamon rolls, green icing, and M&Ms. […]
  • Easy Sliders with Leftover Ham
    I wanted something quick and easy using ingredients I already had at home, so Ham & Cheese sliders with garlic butter is was!
  • VIP Black Friday with Coco Village
    Get early access to Black Friday deals a whole 12 hours before everyone else! 🎉
  • Simple Easter Baskets for ages 2, 5, & 7
    This year I didn’t do much planning for basket fillers. I went a few days ago to grab what I could from Target, and I feel like I did pretty good grabbing minimal candy! The eggs will have plenty! 🤪
  • Valentine’s Day Gift Basket
    This is my first year doing a Valentine’s Day Basket for 3 kids. Since we are on a budget, I wanted to share how I kept it affordable and still fun!