What I’ve learned to keep in stock during cold and flu season.

There is nothing worse than realizing at midnight that your little one is sick. It’s always at night that it seems to sneak right up on us!

I can’t even count how many times my husband has had to run to the convenience store after work or in the middle of the night looking for something to bring our sick toddler some relief.

Linked in the photo above are my absolute must haves. Over the years I have learned what works best for us with my 3 little ones to help keep them comfortable until we are able to see the Pediatrician.

The Humidifier by Fridababy is everything you could ask for. It’s a 3 in 1 because it also counts as a diffuser and nightlight. Using the Vapor drops in the diffuser and the Zarbees Chest rub will really help little ones sinuses stay moist and loosen up some of their congestion.

We also like to have them take Zarbees or Hylands baby cough syrup, which they usually love the taste of. Plus add in some immune support from ChildLife Essentials and even some fever reducer if needed by Little Remedies. We do like to let fevers run their course when we can and the child is not too uncomfortable. These Cooling pads are perfect for just that.

Would you add anything else to the list that I might have forgotten? If your little one is currently sick I hope to have been helpful and he or she feel better quickly!

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