Easy & Fast Cinnamon Roll Christmas Tree Treats!

I don’t really bake from scratch, so fun holiday treats need to be easy for me. I love being able to just throw a few things together, but still making memories with the kids!

Aren’t these so fun?! Grab some Jumbo cinnamon rolls, green icing, and M&Ms. you could even leave the green icing out and add some food coloring to the original Cinnamon roll icing if you’d like. I’ll most likely be doing that next time!

I used two canisters of rolls and only needed to bake about 20 minutes. The directions say bake between 23-27 minutes so just watch them. 🤩

Head to the store!

Have you made these before? Do you prefer adding the extra icing or leaving it out?


VIP Black Friday with Coco Village

We are quite the fans of all things @Cocovillage in our house! We have come to collect toys, bikes and even room decor. #cocovillage #getcocozy

On Black Friday everything will be 30% – 70% off throughout the site, and early access is available if you register to receive your VIP code!

Wooden play washing machine in Seafoam

Sign up now to receive your VIP Code, which will give you early access to Black Friday deals a whole 12 hours before everyone else! 🎉

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Coco Village has a variety of toys for learning through play. Choosing wooden toys is fun, sustainable and can encourage little imaginations to flourish and grow!

What will you be adding to your cart this holiday season?

Simple Easter Baskets for ages 2, 5, & 7

This year I didn’t do much planning for basket fillers. I went a few days ago to grab what I could from Target, and I feel like I did pretty good grabbing minimal candy! The eggs will have plenty! 🤪

Water shoes

Water shoes or just simple play shoes were first on my list. Nice big filler for the basket, 😆 plus we needed them! 🙌🏼 Our front yard can get pretty muddy and I love having the kids wear these instead of ruining nice shoes.

Then I mostly went with necessities. I include toothbrushes, floss, bandaids, chapstick and shower scrubs in pretty much every holiday basket. Learned this from my own mother and I’ll stick to it! ✨ Threw in some bubbles and a fun headband from the dollar spot. My 7 year old son still gets a kick out of the simple stuff thankfully.

The above books I actually snagged from Zulily. Super Powers and Me museum are actually activity books for the older two to write about themselves. They have some pretty fun writing prompts and I thought it was a great Idea! ✨

And finally, I did add some candy! I figured it was mandatory to include a few fun Easter themed candies right!? 😄

What is something you ALWAYS include every year? Maybe something your kids might even notice if you didn’t!

Valentine’s Day Gift Basket

I’ve teamed up with some other bloggers to bring you more Valentine’s Day Gift Basket ideas! Be sure to head to each of their blogs to find out what kind of Basket Ideas they have for you!

Below is our affordable little basket for 3 🙂

This is my first year doing a Valentine’s Day Basket for 3 kids. Since we are on a budget, I wanted to share how I kept it affordable and still fun!

The first thing I did was find a couple things for a goodie bag that did not include just sweets! At Target I found these cute gift bags at $3 for 15 of them. The keychains, dinosaur erasers and sticker books were all in the dollar spot in packs. Once all put together these cost about a total of $2.50 each! Awesome right!?

So next I wanted to throw in some sweets. The ring pop and chocolate heart box were both $1 each. I grabbed the $1 spot coloring books for the kids too, but I didn’t end up including them in the basket. I will set them to the side for them to have a boredom buster that day.

I then found this perfect book “words and your heart” by Kate Jane Neal. I am very excited to read it with the kids. It talks all about the power behind words and that they can affect how we feel or make others feel. LOVE IT! Snagged it for $7.99 at Target.

Last but not least, I made a super fun popcorn mix to include! For the recipe check out the blog Here!

Fun popcorn treat bags

Be sure to head to each of their blogs to find out what kind of Valentine’s Day Basket ideas they have for you!







Easy Valentine’s Day Popcorn mix

I have seen a few of these snack mix variations floating around and thought I’d give it a try! If all I need to use is the microwave I’m all for it! 🙌🏼

I had an idea of what I what ingredients I wanted, but I went to Target with an open mind. This is what I ended up with plus some vegetable oil not pictured

I grabbed these super cute goodie bags, so I could put the finished mix inside to include in the kids Valentines basket! 😍

The first thing I did was warm up about 1 cup of the semi sweet dark chocolate chips in the microwave. It took about a total of 2 minutes, and I stirred in a tablespoon of vegetable oil so it would be a good consistency for drizzling. Of course you can use white chocolate or even the colorful chocolate melts, but Dark chocolate has my heart!

Use a fork to drizzle a layer of chocolate down on your pan, best to use parchment paper or foil for less mess. Then pour your popcorn down in an even layer, pressing lightly to make sure the chocolate sticks.

I’d suggest using already popped, lightly salted popcorn as it might keep longer. I did pop my own, and it was buttered. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Still turned out great, so your choice.

I added the colorful mini marshmallows next and did my final layer of chocolate drizzle. Immediately throw those beautiful Valentines themed sprinkles all over! ✨

Look how fun!

I decided to wait until after the drizzle to add my m&m’s and yogurt covered raisins, so the drizzle would have a good chance of covering the popcorn.

Personalized giftsOnce the chocolate is completely dry you can scoop up the mix and separate into goodie bags or a big bowl for the family! 🙂

Ingredients Used:

  • 1 bag of popcorn
  • 1 cup of Dark chocolate chips
  • 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil
  • Valentines Day sprinkles
  • 1 cup mini marshmallows
  • 1/2 cup of yogurt covered raisins

I hope you are excited to make your own and come back and let me know what you think! 🙂 What would you add to the mix?

Cricut Infusible Ink

I received a Cricut explore air 2 as a birthday gift last month and immediately begin to experiment. I was immediately intrigued with the new Infusible ink pens and how they are touted as better quality and will have no fading or cracking.

I did practice with some vinyl first and made some mistakes, but was successful with a neat shirt for my husband.

Next, I wanted to use the Infusible Ink pens I have read so much about. I cut corners by not buying an official Cricut Tshirt, which would provide the best results. (Materials higher in polyester are best) I decided to start with birthday shirt for my daughter. I used design space to throw together some tropical themed leaves to match a Moana party theme!

Cricut can draw the design instead of cutting it out! It will take you step by step to load each color.

Now it’s ready to color it in by hand
Colored and ready to be flipped over.

Don’t forget to lint roll, use your easy press mat, place a piece of cardstock inside the shirt to protect from ink, use heat resistant tape and butcher paper. ✨

I have the easy press mini in as a beginner. I wasn’t sure how much I’d need it, but I’d definitely like to upgrade to the bigger heat presses in the future.

I held the mini press in each spot for about 15 second at the highest heat setting. When I pulled up the paper there were a few spots that needed more time. So I laid it back down and did another 10 seconds or so without the butcher paper. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Moana themed Birthday Shirt

I love how the shirt came out! I’m positive a shirt with more polyester the colors would be more vibrant. I used a cat and jack shirt that only has 40% polyester. I will be doing a shirt with 95% polyester I grabbed from target next.

Have you used the Infusible Ink pens yet? Or maybe the Infusible Ink transfer sheets? I need to get my hand on some of those.

Gaylord Texan Resort

Photo opp near ice skating rink🎄

Last week we were able to experience Christmas time at the Gaylord Texan Resort. We have always wanted to check this place out, but never imagined our first experience would be so magical! ✨

view from our balcony

It was absolutely Amazing from the moment we checked in! There is social distancing measures in place of course and we felt very comfortable our whole stay! First off I have to say our view of the atrium from our balcony, was just the perfect way to wake up and enjoy my morning coffee. Before heading to bed though, we walked over to experience the new I love Christmas Movies pop up and the super fun Yuletide Bright lights walkthrough.

Snowmen at Yuletide Bright!

We loved walking through all of the fun lights! The kids especially got a kick out of each character and were so excited to skip off to the next little display. The weather was perfect and my husband and I really enjoyed how relaxing it was. The kids were having fun and the family time was so nice! ☺️

National Lampoons Christmas Vacation movie

Pictured above is some fun during the I love Christmas movies walkthrough! Although the kids have not seen the movie National Lampoons Christmas Vacation yet, I’d have to say this was Theos’ favorite part!

Do you have a favorite Christmas movie? My personal favorite is ELF which is featured in the pop up event. Others include A Christmas Story, The Polar Express, National Lampoons Christmas Vacation, and The Year Without a Christmas. They have truly made each movie pop out of the screen and into some interactive fun! 😃 We headed to bed soon after this and my kids didn’t fuss at all. They were so excited for the activities planned for the next day!

Kids all ready for bed ❤️

In the morning we grabbed coffee from downstairs although in the room coffee is provided, plus a mini fridge too if you’re wondering. That’s always a plus with small kids and being able to bring extra drinks or snacks for them. Of course everything you need can be found right here at the Resort. They have many great restaurant options or a quick grab from Mission Plaza Marketplace if you’re on the go like we were. On to some more Gaylord Christmas events! 🏃🏽

We spent the rest of the morning snow tubing, riding the carousel, ice skating and enjoying yummy treats. We had a blast with everything, but the kids were so determined to learn to ice skate as this was their first time. We spent hours on the rink, we left with some pretty tired kiddos! 👏🏼 They have so much more to experience than we had time for, and I can’t wait to go back! ✨

let me know if you have been, plan on going, or any questions you might have?